Texas THC Lawyer

In a shocking turn of events, millions of Texans were sent into a fury by a television news report that suggested that the Tarrant County District Attorney’s office in Ft. Worth was preparing to arrest individuals for the simple possession of hemp-derived cannabidiol (CBD).  Many argue that this would be a miscarriage of justice, and well as a misappropriation of scarce resources needed to fight real criminals. After passage of the 2018 Farm Bill (which declasified hemp as a controlled substance under federal law), many in Texas were hopeful that the State would decline to enforce current Texas law which still regards hemp as being the equivalent of marijuana.

Thankfully a bill was introduced in the Texas Legislature by State Rep. Stacy King (House Bill 1325) that would solve the issue and establish a full hemp program in the Lone Star State. Rep. King’s bill would allow Texas to join 41 other states in hemp cultivation, bring the state into full compliance with the 2018 Farm Bill, and clarify beyond any doubt that hemp products such as CBD could be sold at retail. Unfortunately, until that Bill passes and becomes law, Texas still remains in a gray area in which prosecutors can elect to prosecute indivudals who possess CBD derived hemp products. Although, many DA's across the State have decided to take a wait and see approach on CBD and hemp, the DA in Fort Worth has elected to enforce a law which is likely slated to change in the very near future.